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You’ve heard of the Cult of Apple. But did you know about the Sacred Order of Photoshop? “At Adobe we are all about our customers—they’re filmmakers, illustrators, designers, photographers,” says AJ Joseph, the executive creative director at Adobe who spearheaded the “Dream On” video.

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Happy 25th birthday to Adobe’s Photoshop! I’m happy to be able to count myself as a user for around half of that. Cheers to layers and layers of learning for (more than) a few more years to come!

Make sure you check out the “Dream On” video, it’s definitely worth a look.

What’s The Difference Between A Logo And A Symbol?

And does the distinction even matter? Experts Michael Bierut of Pentagram and Brett Wickens of Ammunition weigh in. The misuse of the word “logo” is one of those things that gets many design-minded people practically purple-faced with anger (a sibling to debate over “fonts” v. “typefaces”).

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Alma’s to-go box:
I did not expect this topic to be quite as nuanced as it ended up being, but that’s kind of why the article appealed to me.

Since designing the logo for 6th Floor Studios and the symbol for LilMarauder Productions is a recent memory, I was struck by the different classifications. I used nearly identical processes and created similar looks, but one is a logo, and one is a symbol, because of the presence of text. It’s a worthwhile thing to keep in mind especially because of the points listed in the article, like recognition, international appeal, and clarity.

Photoshop CS5 filters…all in one animation

Photoshop Cs5 Filters Animation from Device on Vimeo.

Alma’s to-go box:
Where has this been all my life? After the number of times I have scrolled from filter to filter to filter to find that one that I can never remember the name of, you would think that I’d have papered the walls with examples of them. I’m glad that I’m not alone in that seemingly endless hunt, and I’m glad that someone else was creative enough to animate it (there’s a tumblr blog listed in the video description too).

Posters – Graphic Design Inspiration

Posters carry the very essence of graphic design. One sheet of paper to communicate a message, a mix of type, space and image. Here is a really cool selection of posters from over the globe.

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Alma’s to go box:
The age of print is not yet dead! Of course, a digital media junkie is the one saying it, but don’t hold that against me! Posters and prints are still of vital importance. There’s already an article here on physical prints, so lets give posters the time due to them. Posters communicate a message in a style that is simultaneously screaming a brand and reflecting a design era. They are trendy now, and time capsules later.

In an era of digital advertisement, posters are not hyper-targeted, not popping up in the middle of an article, not overwhelming your ears as you try to listen to music. In all honesty, they’ve become something that is seen when the eyes gaze up, relaxing from the glare of the smartphone, tablet or monitor. They’re an art form.