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What’s The Difference Between A Logo And A Symbol?

And does the distinction even matter? Experts Michael Bierut of Pentagram and Brett Wickens of Ammunition weigh in. The misuse of the word “logo” is one of those things that gets many design-minded people practically purple-faced with anger (a sibling to debate over “fonts” v. “typefaces”).

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I did not expect this topic to be quite as nuanced as it ended up being, but that’s kind of why the article appealed to me.

Since designing the logo for 6th Floor Studios and the symbol for LilMarauder Productions is a recent memory, I was struck by the different classifications. I used nearly identical processes and created similar looks, but one is a logo, and one is a symbol, because of the presence of text. It’s a worthwhile thing to keep in mind especially because of the points listed in the article, like recognition, international appeal, and clarity.

How to Create and Use Photoshop Actions to Speed up Your Workflow

Photoshop Actions are very useful time savers.

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I have yet to harness the real power of Photoshop Actions. I may be using Lightroom more for those automated exports though. It’s still worthwhile to keep them in mind. I didn’t know about Droplets before reading this though, while I do have to experiment with it. there doesn’t seem to be an easier way to automate the process of turning pictures¬†into web thumbnails.

Photoshop never ceases to amaze me. Kudos to Adobe on that.