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Endlessly Distracted? Blame Your Own Creative Genius

Creativity is linked to an inability to filter out sensory information, a new study says. Endlessly distracted by the sounds of your open office? Blame your own creative genius.

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This is a great article and I enjoy the tie in to the common misconception of creatives as reclusive people (something I posted about last month). That was totally inadvertent though! It might be worth it for aspiring creatives to take some time and get distracted.

If you’d like to get a jump start on distraction, I wrote a post last year just about distracting websites! Another completely inadvertent tie-in…and since I limit myself to two of those, I’m going to post this and look at pictures from corgi beach day.

The Secret To Creativity, Intelligence, And Scientific Thinking

Research shows that creativity and intelligence are linked with the physical connections in our brains. Here’s how to connect the dots. The image is from cartoonist Hugh MacLeod, who came up with such a brilliant way to express a concept that’s often not that easy to grasp.

from Pocket http://ift.tt/1r7wqVx via IFTTT Alma’s to-go box: I was discussing Bloom’s Taxonomy not one week ago, and then this article popped up. I was immediately energized by the connection between knowledge and creativity the article highlights and those upper levels of Bloom’s: analysis, synthesis and evaluation. All of a sudden, creativity isn’t just artistic. It’s part of the learning process we all should be experiencing throughout our lives. I think that’s a pretty wonderful thing.

50 Websites to Waste Your Time On


An Internet version of the hiding game Hot and Cold. A useless site that generates even more useless sites to waste your time.

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We’ve all been caught in the dreaded place of creative block, and these sites include many that I have spent hours using: DuoLingo, Qwiki, Sporcle, Free Rice, Da Font, Instructables and more…

From quizzes and challenges to stretchy hands you can fling around your browser. The internet is a great place, huh?

Marina Abramović to Teach Girls at Online School of Doodle

After helping out , Marina Abramović is throwing her name behind a far more deserving project, Molly Logan and Elise Van Middelem’s School of Doodle, which aims to found a free online high school for girls, reports the Hairpin.

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This looks kind of awesome. I think that schools should foster creativity in all people (both boys and girls). There is something to be said for increasing the allure of creativity to girls who may not feel like they fit in to the stereotypical “girl” role. I would hope that programs like this can draw connections between creativity and STEM fields.

It looks like they’ve gotten the funding to proceed, let’s keep an eye on whether the School of Doodle draws results (pun intended)!

What type of sharer are you? Understanding your social media personality

This post originally appeared on the Buffer blog. Whenever I find myself doing research for new social media tips, the studies and resources I find are always fascinating.

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I don’t imagine that many remember Klout, but for those who don’t they had a simplified form of this same method of classifying social media sharing. Lots of research is being done in these areas. But. Why does it even matter? It’s an extension of your personality in some ways, I guess. Much like people explain that they are an INTJ (one of 16 Myers-Briggs Type Indicators) to gain understanding or to explain their actions and interactions. Similarly, if you tend to post things without restriction (to content or to audience), you can explain that you’re an “Open Sharer” and let that be that.

The research being done is be crucial in marketing in a myriad of ways. Two are: companies may look for certain qualities in those employees who interact with social media, and they may assign certain “qualities” to their otherwise faceless accounts. It’s probably also not a bad thing to know where you tend to fall in the realm of sharing so you can accept it or work to change it…as is the case with a lot of early Millennial job seekers.