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LA’s Proposed Parking Signs Are Brilliantly Simple

Ken Husting was circling downtown Los Angeles one day in 2013 trying to find parking when, all of a sudden—Hallelujah!— he found a spot. Then he looked up to see six signs attached to pole telling him that he maybe, possibly could park there.

from Pocket http://www.wired.com/2015/04/las-proposed-parking-signs-brilliantly-simple/

Alma’s to-go box
There’s no arguing that a lot of municipal signage could use a dose of additional clarity. The adage a picture’s worth a thousand words must never have occurred to the original sign designers – or maybe it wasn’t as important as simplicity, visibility, or cost. Still the current signs are not clear and are usually compounded with additional signs that are in effect at other times. The proposed sign removes a lot of ambiguity and introduces a more universal set of symbols. It uses a lot of design sense, and in a world that’s becoming more aesthetic, design sense is good sense.

So, Print Is Dying? Don’t Tell the Megazine

Like chocolate bars and Arctic ice caps, printed periodicals have shrunk over the last decade. The Wall Street Journal, Rolling Stone, The New York Times and dozens more have reduced their physical dimensions to maintain fiscal fitness.

from Pocket http://ift.tt/1MKOnm0

Alma’s to-go box:
My good friend Marilyn sent this article to me. If only I could write a post just about people who you meet and make the world feel smaller, it would probably include a lot of our conversations…but this is about the Megazine. The periodical that is measured in stride with TVs, instead of mobile devices. The Megazine is a big magazine with big subjects in mind. It is as much a piece of art as the photographs it holds. Both current issues are on exhibit in Japan, complete with human page-turners wearing shirts extolling the virtues: “bigger” and “better.”