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7 Tips for Using Social Media During Conferences

So, you’re attending a conference. You’ve paid the entrance fee, put on the best outfit ever, grabbed a big stack of business cards and made sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date. The one piece of the conference puzzle I can almost guarantee you’re missing? Social media.

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As summer rolls in, conference season enters full tilt. This was a great article, and as an occasional conference attendee, I’m happy that I’ve been rocking social media (mostly) correctly. I’m a huge fan of event hashtags for twitter and I’ve used them to give shoutouts to companies I know that are at conferences with me, I’ve used them to send notices about changes in session locations, and I’m always on board with sending out the compelling quote from panels or keynotes.

At events where I tweeted, I found it helped me to network. I could continue conversations with people I just met, I could reach out to people in the same session, and I could even touch base with conference organizers (VIP rooms really are all they should be).

10 Kinds of Content to Keep Your Blog Posts Funky Fresh

Sometimes it’s tough to get fresh content up on your blog week after week. Even the most inspired writers will hit a wall every now and again. But not all your blog posts have to be brilliant, lengthy essays. You can be an effective blogger and spend less than 15 minutes writing each post!

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There are times when I’ve neglected this blog…I won’t get anywhere by hiding this. I’ve also had times when I just haven’t read many articles to post…

The mission of 6th Floor Studios is still fluid, so there will hopefully be opportunities to grow this blog in to something other than a collection of Reading Lists, showcases. Of course, I’m still the sole member of the cast-of-authors, so things will get much more interesting as more brains come together.

Goals: By the end of 2015!!!!

  • Add two additional regular authors with Reading Lists
  • Post at least two original posts for “Showcase” each month

What type of sharer are you? Understanding your social media personality

This post originally appeared on the Buffer blog. Whenever I find myself doing research for new social media tips, the studies and resources I find are always fascinating.

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I don’t imagine that many remember Klout, but for those who don’t they had a simplified form of this same method of classifying social media sharing. Lots of research is being done in these areas. But. Why does it even matter? It’s an extension of your personality in some ways, I guess. Much like people explain that they are an INTJ (one of 16 Myers-Briggs Type Indicators) to gain understanding or to explain their actions and interactions. Similarly, if you tend to post things without restriction (to content or to audience), you can explain that you’re an “Open Sharer” and let that be that.

The research being done is be crucial in marketing in a myriad of ways. Two are: companies may look for certain qualities in those employees who interact with social media, and they may assign certain “qualities” to their otherwise faceless accounts. It’s probably also not a bad thing to know where you tend to fall in the realm of sharing so you can accept it or work to change it…as is the case with a lot of early Millennial job seekers.

3 Underused Persuasion Techniques Proven to Convert

Your landing pages are the most valuable real estate on your website. Not only do you spend thousands of dollars designing, optimizing, and advertising them, but you gain money through leads, clickthroughs, sales, and revenue.

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There are a lot of courses and articles focused on converting, the click-through, the hook. A critical means of new client acquisition, this is a huge focus of ongoing business operations.

That aside, I’m not exactly starting a new business or seeking out clients, but I did enjoy the psychological focus of this article. The three highlighted techniques can be used beyond landing pages. Compelling graphic designs and social media use can even be bettered by maintaining the elements of humanity, authority and empathy.