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How to Create and Use Photoshop Actions to Speed up Your Workflow

Photoshop Actions are very useful time savers.

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Alma’s to-go box:
I have yet to harness the real power of Photoshop Actions. I may be using Lightroom more for those automated exports though. It’s still worthwhile to keep them in mind. I didn’t know about Droplets before reading this though, while I do have to experiment with it. there doesn’t seem to be an easier way to automate the process of turning pictures into web thumbnails.

Photoshop never ceases to amaze me. Kudos to Adobe on that.

When is Altering Your Image Acceptable? A Debate on Post-processing

Have you ever used Photoshop’s ‘Content Aware Fill’ tool to get rid of some unsightly object in your otherwise perfect image? Have you ever cropped your image in order to give it a more pleasing composition? I know I’ve done both on many an occasion and I feel no guilt or remorse whatsoever.

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I was kinda shameless, I have to admit. I processed it away though! I was the bridesmaid that passed the groomsman’s coat to the flower girls and opted for my own coat…a very purple coat. We shall say that it did not exactly match the extant palette. The wedding photographer didn’t alter the color of the coat. It was reality, after all!

I had other things in mind, like not being the sore thumb in the loud coat. I may have stepped overboard when I downloaded the picture and darkened and desaturated the purple out of existence. I did get thanks from my cousin, the bride, and I was absolved of my self-imagined crime against the day. Still, the question of photo-processing acceptability is a very real one.

Where is the line: temporary things? unsightly things? Do I airbrush the bags under my eyes away or do I tweak the lighting at the time of the photo and play with contrast in post-production to minimize them? It’s still debatable and very personal too.