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You’ve heard of the Cult of Apple. But did you know about the Sacred Order of Photoshop? “At Adobe we are all about our customers—they’re filmmakers, illustrators, designers, photographers,” says AJ Joseph, the executive creative director at Adobe who spearheaded the “Dream On” video.

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Happy 25th birthday to Adobe’s Photoshop! I’m happy to be able to count myself as a user for around half of that. Cheers to layers and layers of learning for (more than) a few more years to come!

Make sure you check out the “Dream On” video, it’s definitely worth a look.

The Story Behind the Storyboard

I’m a media person. That’s what I do, both for fun and for work. I know storyboards and I’ve made them for nearly ten years. What is a storyboard though? It’s a bunch of sketches or drawings tied together with dialogue in a way that illustrates the visual flow of some piece of audiovisual work that changes over time.

The value of the storyboard is in that proof-of-concept, seeing is believing nature of it. Any time your linking two things that can’t be co-demonstrated, a storyboard component could help. Audio and video are just the most obvious example, but wireframes and interactivity are also becoming more prevalent.


Filmmakers on Location. Photo by Jonathan Kos-Read.
Filmmakers on Location. Photo by Jonathan Kos-Read.

Film Before the Storyboard
Surprisingly enough, the storyboard comes long after the beginnings of film studios. Even though film is rather costly and can’t be reused, there was no standard practice to produce a visual proof-of-concept before starting to roll. Continue reading The Story Behind the Storyboard

Photoshop CS5 filters…all in one animation

Photoshop Cs5 Filters Animation from Device on Vimeo.

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Where has this been all my life? After the number of times I have scrolled from filter to filter to filter to find that one that I can never remember the name of, you would think that I’d have papered the walls with examples of them. I’m glad that I’m not alone in that seemingly endless hunt, and I’m glad that someone else was creative enough to animate it (there’s a tumblr blog listed in the video description too).

Why Composition is So D–n Important

It’s easy to pick just about any photography-related topic– exposure, lighting, etc.– and make the claim that it is the most important element of photography.

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It’s hard to pick what the “most important” element of photography is, and of course the same goes for video. Composition ranks up towards the top of the lists of elements that make up a good photo. It sets itself apart because it’s been fascinating us for the longest.

More than two millennia have passed since the golden ratio has intrigued artists and mathematicians alike. Statues and buildings embodied the ratio, similar sequences and spirals emerged. Art continued to follow form. The innateness of composition across individuals and across generations certainly contributes to its power to captivate is.

Composition is the task of the creator, first, and the reaction of the audience, after. It’s an unspoken exchange that can’t be told by lighting or aperture alone.