Watch Kermit the Frog Explain How to Tap Into Everyday Creativity

We often assume that creativity is something only artists need. However, as notable artist, producer, and amphibian Kermit the Frog explains, keeping your mind open to accept and play with different ideas can improve anyone’s work.

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Alma’s to go box:
This is the third post in the last few months that has focused on creativity. What they all have in common is the premise that everyone has the capacity to be creative. The first, on the myths surrounding creativity, visits the all-too-celebrated image of the lone creative genius. The second, on the connections between distraction and creative genius expands on the benefits of productive distraction.

This TEDx talk by Kermit the Frog includes a lot of the same refrains, that creativity is within everyone’s grasp. And most of us who don’t profess a creative side, still have one. Within the first five minutes, Kermit cites a ‘conspiracy of craziness’ that enables a theater of people (and many more online) to sit and listen to a frog talk about creativity. What is suspension of disbelief, other than an extension of creativity?

Watch the whole 25 minute video, and if you have more time after that, do some research about Jim Henson and the development of the Muppets.