The Science-Backed Benefits of Being Bored

One morning during my commute, I found myself without my usual literary distractions. Instead, I had the rare opportunity to observe my fellow New Yorkers in their most natural and probably most frequented habitat: the subway.

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Alma’s to go box:
Another article that touches on the connection between boredom and creativity (they use “genius” here) and not turning “not busy” into a shameful thing. There are historical records of boredom, words that we don’t use anymore that describe that mindset of not really being interested in what’s around you, but still taking in the distraction. My favorite: doldrums. It reminds me of The Phantom Tollbooth, by Jules Verne.

This article, from Greatist, also focuses on the health ramifications of boredom. That said, being bored until the moment strikes isn’t the best way to coax some creativity forth, but there’s nothing bad about indulging in some mental wandering every now and then.