Demystifying the muse: 5 creativity myths you need to stop believing

This post originally appeared on the Crew blog. There’s a letter from an 1815 issue of General Music Journal where Mozart describes his creative process as instantaneous: no struggle or writer’s block. The muse simply showed up and he was ready.

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Creativity for all! Sometimes it’s awfully hard to get started, sometimes it’s hard to follow through. Creativity is a lot of work. This is a great article about what creativity isn’t…it’s not a gift bestowed on the lucky few…it’s not a solitary process…and it certainly isn’t just an easy thing.

Creativity can seem to be those things. It’s easy to have a brilliant revelation in the shower, but the work by many to realize the thought often gets looked over.

There’s a fantastic feature of language that means that words can be combined in completely new ways, to make new meanings, without end. Since we’re all communicating and language is changing, updating, and growing, how creative must we all be?